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...renowned for it's quality and style in the architectural sector

I regularly create design work for AkzoNobel's Interpon brand, but I was absolutely delighted when they asked me to create the new cover art and design the Futura 2022-2025 Colourcard, as this is the most prestigious product in their portfolio and renowned for it's quality and style in the architectural sector. In addition to the collage for the cover art and the layout and design of the colourcard itself, this also involved taking colour accurate photos of the colour chips for use the digital version of the card. As part of this campaign I was also hired to produce a colour swatch using the same design and three adverts, one for each collection in the series.

"The Futura Collection is so much more than simply a range of exciting colours. Futura is an emotion, a collection that inspires a feeling of tranquillity and peace, of thoughtfulness and healing, bringing balance to buildings and projects for years to come."
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