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I wanted a logo that was symmetrical and had an element of perfection to it

It was a real pleasure to work with Nicola and David to create the branding for their new venture 'The Saltwell Clinic' as they're not only both lovely people but the subject was very close to home (literally). The brief was to develop a logo for a new beauty clinic based near the famous Saltwell Park in Gateshead.

I really wanted to create something that related to the types of procedures that they would be doing, like slight alterations using fillers and that idea of creating perfection. So I think in my mind I wanted a logo that was symmetrical and had an element of perfection to it, clean fine lines and not too much fuss or detail. But as well it had to echo the location of being next to the park and in the end for me it was a toss up between having a link to aesthetics to the park. I think it was an easy decision as the park has connotations of nature and natural beauty.

Nicola also asked me to develop a more commercial leaf design to build her brand around. In particular a rose gold foiled effect leaf from a real leaf shape.
primary leaf logo design
secondary leaf logo design

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